What are the colors available for the Lacquered Glass?

All colors as long as the RAL code is specified.

Does the Tinted Float Glass provide solar control?

Yes, the Tinted Float Glass provides solar control because its lower light transmittance.

Is there any difference between Ultra Clear Float Glass and standard Float Glass?

The Ultra Clear Float Glass is with reduced iron content and, the greenish tint in standard Float Glass is not present when viewed from the edge.

What we need to pay attention to in the application of Laminated Glass?

The edges of the Laminated glass must not be exposed to humidity. The Laminated Glass has the risk of breaking under heat.

What PVB thickness does Şişecam use?

Glasses with 0.38mm, 0,76mm and 1,52mm are produced as standard.

How the Acoustic Laminated Glass offer insulation?

The special PVB layer between two glass panes absorbs sound, blocking undesired noise.